Calling all adventurous types!

With the advent of the recent storms and the appearance of the grim island the Lord Regent Jethro has issued a summons to able bodies to investigate and ascertain the threat.

Hear ye hear ye!

Any and all able men and women are called and desired for service! To each willing and able body the Lord Regent has graciously given the handsome sum of 500gp and safe passage to the island upfront with an additional 25,000gp and noble titles to the group or individual who brings news and proof of the islands threat. Furthermore, if possible additional settlements be made and maintained in safety and security additional blessings will flow from our most righteous host!

To all inquiring parties please bring the sum of 10gp and a completed form of application to the tax offices in south Kolm. Each must be in fit and stable shape and condition in order to be proven worthy of this quest.

*Not all applicants will be accepted, no refunds or exceptions, this is a dangerous adventure you are in charge of your own safety, no guarantee of return passage. Please see Officer Varl, head of security in Fort Kolm for more information and additional application forms.

Island Paradise

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